The Leisure Centre re-opening update 3rd August 2020

Dear Residents,

This is an update in relation to the Leisure Centre to let you know about our preparation before re-opening these facilities in accordance with the Welsh Government advice as well as with Coronavirus Restrictions (No 2) (Wales) Regulations 2020.

We are aiming to re-open the Leisure Centre on Tuesday 18th August, bearing in mind the well-being of shielded people who should be shielded until 16th August.

We will be developing and uploading an on-line booking calendar for the Leisure Centre. This system will strictly control the number of users in the gym, sauna and swimming pool with jacuzzi, to ensure social distancing.

It will only be possible to book an hour of usage of the Leisure Centre facilities at any time, to give all Residents an opportunity to access the facilities.

In order to book, you will be asked to complete an application on-line to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. You must not use the Leisure Centre if you or anyone in your household have symptoms of Covid-19 and you must self-isolate in accordance with current guidance of minimum 10 days, if you do.

We will ask you to provide your name, address and telephone number, when making the booking and we will keep this data securely for Test, Trace & Protect purposes. For the Residents that are not able to use on-line booking system, we will offer a help via the telephone.

We will have additional cleaning of the Leisure Centre, which means that we will provide cleaning more often. Nevertheless, you be required to clean the equipment before and after using it with sanitizers and paper towels which will be provided.

We will take reasonable steps to minimize risk of exposure to Covid-19 and will follow guidance from the Government, our contractors and the industry.

We also encourage you to change your clothes at home as well as to take a shower at home, rather than in the Leisure Centre. You are also encouraged to wash your hands before arrival and when leaving.

We will be reviewing our actions on a weekly basis to ensure that we provide services in light of the current guidance as well as with advice from our contractors.  Should it prove impossible to maintain social distancing or if users do not follow the guidelines and requirements, we may have to close the facilities again.

Century Wharf  Team