The Leisure Centre re-opening update 21st August

Dear Residents,

Leisure Centre Re-opening – Update

The Leisure Centre re-opened on Tuesday 18th at 7am. The booking system is working well and the new system for obtaining fobs is also working well.

A reminder that if you want to make a booking, you have to book in advance. Booking is available on the Century Wharf Website. . You need to go to the page headed ‘Services’.  You are able to book up to 3 days in advance. You cannot book on the day.  Bookings are for one hour slots only and you must collect a fob to gain entry to the Leisure Centre from the rear of the Concierge Office. You have to hand in your apartment keys. You can collect the fob up to 5 minutes before your booking time. Fobs must be returned as soon as your booking session ends.

Each booking lasts for 50 minutes and you are required to return the fob back to the rear of the Concierge Office on the hour at the end of your booking.

We have trialed the new system this week and it seems to have worked well. The system has maintained strict control the number of users in the gym and swimming pool to ensure social distancing.

You must follow the instructions in the Leisure Centre about cleaning equipment and only using equipment designated. The sauna and jacuzzi remain closed.

The booking system and arrangements in the Leisure Centre are designed to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. You must not use the Leisure Centre if you or anyone in your household have symptoms of Covid-19 and you must self-isolate in accordance with current guidance, if you do.

We encourage you to change your clothes at home as well as taking a shower at home, rather than in the Leisure Centre. You are also encouraged to wash your hands before arrival and when leaving.

We will continue to review our actions on a weekly basis to ensure that we provide services in light of the current guidance.  Should it prove impossible to maintain social distancing or if users do not follow the guidelines and requirements, we may have to restrict access or close the facilities again.

Century Wharf Team