Re-decoration programme 26.04.2021

Dear Resident.


We are pleased to confirm dates for changing carpets as follow:

  • Geneva House between 30th July and 4th August- 5th floor
  • Vienna House between 26th July and 29th July-4th floor
  • Cannes House between 9th August and 12th August-4th floor
  • Malaga House between 13th August and 19th August-5th floor
  • Bordeaux House between 30th June and 6th July-7th floor
  • Porto House between 7th July and 13th July- 7th floor
  • Calais House between 14th July and 19th July-5th floor
  • Genoa House between 20th July and 23rd July-4th floor
  • Sorrento House between 20th August and 25th August-4th floor
  • Munich House between 26th August and 31st August-5th floor
  • Prague House between 1st September and 7th September-4th floor
  • Nice House between 11th June and 18th June-5th floor
  • Dubrovnik House between 26th May and 2nd June-7th floor
  • Marseille House between 10th May and 25th May-14th floor
  • Lyon House 3rd June and 10th June-7th floor
  • Zurich House 21st June and 29th June-6th floor