Update: Pool and Spa on Sunday 30th July

Hello everyone.  The Pool was closed this morning because the early morning test showed that there was no chlorine in the water.  As you can imagine this is essential for safety and hygeine.  Our contracted engineers have driven from Kent this morning and arrived about 11.30am.  The fault is a digital one – one of the sensors in the Control Panel – which is not even connected – has decided to spring into life and shut down the chlorine delivery system.

The good news is that the engineers have manually treated the pool and it should be open as I write this.  They will attempt to bypass the digital fault with the help of the panel manufacturers technical staff tomorrow morning.  We are doing everything we can to get the pool re-opened and keep it open, understanding how frustrating this series of faults has been.  There is a further leak into the Plant Room, so we are minimising the amount of water generated in the changing rooms by asking you to use the disabled shower only.  This will help us greatly, thank you.

We have to say the installation is about 15 years old now, and we will be planning upgrades.  We will keep you all informed of the plans,  but when we have an immediate major fault, we have to act on our Health and Safety responsibilities and close the pool to protect Residents from possible risk of disease.

Pam Voisey

CW RTM Director (Leisure Centre lead).