Malaga/Cannes 3rd November 2021

Dear Residents,

Scaffolding: Cannes/Malaga House.

The works to Cannes & Malaga House are nearing completion. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen delays the project has taken longer than originally anticipated. Adverse weather conditions and sourcing of materials have been a major cause of the current delays.

We have been advised by the project manager that the balcony dividers which are the last piece of the puzzle, will be delivered to site and installed on the 23rd November. Only once installed can we begin the removal of all scaffolding. In the meantime, we will continue with any outstanding minor jobs and the additional roof repair works which we are undertaking to make the most of the scaffolding.

We anticipate that the scaffolding will take around 5-7 working days to fully remove, once the removal work starts. Your balconies will be cleaned during this process, if they haven’t been cleaned already.

There is no additional hire costs for the scaffolding, as we agreed a fixed fee with the contractor and any additional charges for the scaffolding hire will fall on them. The work remains on budget and as you have been told previously, there are no charges to the leaseholders for these works!

We will write to all leaseholders again closer to the completion date.

Should you have any further concerns please contact the project manager Derek Pinkerton



Kind Regards,

Owein Mattey
Property Manager
CW Estates



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