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Full name:


I am a qualifying tenant of (address of flat):

and wish to become a member of the above RTM Company,  subject to the provisions of the Articles of Association of the company and to any rules made under those Articles.  I agree to:

Pay the Company an amount of £1 if the Company is wound up while I am a Member, or for up to 12 months after I have ceased to become a Member.



Email Address (optional)

Note: A person is the qualifying tenant of a flat he/she has been granted a Lease for a term of years exceeding 21 years.  This form must be signed by all parties that are registered Title Owners of the property.

Please also note that the £1 is the amount you agree to pay the company only if the company is wound up while you are a Member, or up to 12 months after you have ceased to become a Member.  It is not required with this application.

This form can be printed and taken to either the Concierge (main gate) or to Management Office (north gate).

You may also email it to

New and existing Members will be notified of the login details for the Members Area.