Reminder of Car Parking Permit regulations (Sept. 2017)

As you know, in the past there have been major problems with non residents using our car parking spaces in the day as a convenient source of free car parking.  To stop this practice, car park patrol companies have been engaged to patrol Century Wharf and issue fines for those who cannot/and do not display the issued permits.  The permits show who has a right to park here and if there is no permit, then there is no right to park.   This system has worked well, and the problems are greatly lessened (with car parking, solutions are never going to be perfect!).

Please can we remind everyone that the system is based on the DISPLAY of the permit.  It is not possible for the Car Park Operative to remember that certain cars go in certain spaces/who are residents and who are not.  The only judgement to be made is  “does this car display the correct permit”?  If not, then a fine is issued.

We know there are occasions when things happen and a mistake is made, and Owein Mattey our Development Manager can help at those times.  But if we all remember that we have to display a resident and/or visitor permit, the whole system works.

You may also have noticed that vehicles can be ‘illegally’ parked and have no ticket.  This is because the Car Park Contracting industry is moving towards a post-only system.  Their staff are often abused at the time of ticket issue, so changes to their systems mean that number plates are photographed and fines issued by post.  We are discussing this with them, but as it’s an industry wide response, there may be no way we can change it.

We had quite a lot of conversation about car parking with Residents at the Director’s Open Day and it is a difficult one to get right for everyone.  But we are always open for ideas, and if Residents want to report violations, this is fine.