Update: Pool and Spa on Sunday 30th July

Hello everyone.  The Pool was closed this morning because the early morning test showed that there was no chlorine in the water.  As you can imagine this is essential for safety and hygeine.  Our contracted engineers have driven from Kent this morning and arrived about 11.30am.  The fault is a digital one – one of the sensors in the Control Panel – which is not even connected – has decided to spring into life and shut down the chlorine delivery system.

The good news is that the engineers have manually treated the pool and it should be open as I write this.  They will attempt to bypass the digital fault with the help of the panel manufacturers technical staff tomorrow morning.  We are doing everything we can to get the pool re-opened and keep it open, understanding how frustrating this series of faults has been.  There is a further leak into the Plant Room, so we are minimising the amount of water generated in the changing rooms by asking you to use the disabled shower only.  This will help us greatly, thank you.

We have to say the installation is about 15 years old now, and we will be planning upgrades.  We will keep you all informed of the plans,  but when we have an immediate major fault, we have to act on our Health and Safety responsibilities and close the pool to protect Residents from possible risk of disease.

Pam Voisey

CW RTM Director (Leisure Centre lead).

The Leisure Centre re-opening 19th October 2020

Update from RTM Directors regarding Welsh Government Announcement 19th October 2020   Leisure Centre   Please be advised that following the Welsh Government’s lockdown announcement the leisure centre will be closed from 18.00hrs on 23rd October 2020.  The scheduled reopening will be 07.00 on 10th November 2020, subject (...)

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Boiler- 12th October 2020

Boiler Servicing Update for Leaseholders As you will be aware, we have been chasing leaseholders to have your boilers serviced for some time. This matter became extremely urgent and worrisome in September when we could only get one insurer to quote to insure us and that insurer placed an exclusion on our policy in respect (...)

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EWS1 9th September 2020

Dear Leaseholder   Please find information below regarding cladding and EWS1 forms for Century Wharf. Some of you may already be aware that there have been some issues highlighted with the contractor ‘SFI’ who undertook the surveys and provided the subsequent EWS1 forms and  as such the EWS1 forms you may have already (...)

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EWS1 28th August 2020

Dear Leaseholder Cladding Issues – EWS1 You may be aware that Government guidance “Advice on external wall systems that do not incorporate Aluminium Composite Material” (referred to as Advice Note 14) has been introduced around fire safety in residential buildings, following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in (...)

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Boiler- 23rd September 2020

Dear Leaseholder Boilers – Insurance Position Update We have written on a number of occasions regarding the fact that our insurers have now placed an exclusion on the policy that excludes any damage arising from boilers that have not been replaced or serviced in the last 12 months. Please see the exact of the (...)

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Boiler- 7th September 2020

Dear Leaseholder YOU ARE NOW UNINSURED We wrote to you in August (copy attached) explaining that the building insurance for Century Wharf had been restricted following several large claims for water damage arising from faulty water boilers in apartments. As a result, any leaseholder who has not had their boiler serviced by (...)

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Cladding- 16th October 2020

Cladding at Century Wharf Update for Leaseholders –  16th October 2020 There has been a lot of information recently about cladding and a number of leaseholders who wish to sell their apartments have got caught up in what can only be described as a state of limbo. The RTM has put out a couple of […]

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Cladding- 14th October 2020

Cladding at Century Wharf Update for Leaseholders – 14th October 2020   We thought that Leaseholders would be interested to know that during Prime Minister’s Questions today, the Conservative MP for Hendon asked a planted question about the EWS1 process in relation to apartment blocks of less than 18 metres in height. (...)

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The Leisure Centre re-opening update 21st August

Dear Residents, Leisure Centre Re-opening – Update The Leisure Centre re-opened on Tuesday 18th at 7am. The booking system is working well and the new system for obtaining fobs is also working well. A reminder that if you want to make a booking, you have to book in advance. Booking is available on the Century […]

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The Leisure Centre re-opening update 14th August 2020

Dear Residents, Leisure Centre Re-opening – Tuesday 18th August The Leisure Centre will re-open on Tuesday 18th at 7am.  But, you will only be able to use the Leisure Centre facilities if you have booked in advance. Booking will be available on the Century Wharf Website. The booking system will go (...)

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The Leisure Centre re-opening update 3rd August 2020

Dear Residents, This is an update in relation to the Leisure Centre to let you know about our preparation before re-opening these facilities in accordance with the Welsh Government advice as well as with Coronavirus Restrictions (No 2) (Wales) Regulations 2020. We are aiming to re-open the Leisure Centre on Tuesday 18th (...)

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Main Access Gates at the Concierge

There is a problem with the mechanics of the 3 main gates at the Concierge. The master control panel which is located in the gate house no longer works and of course the panel is now obsolete so there isn’t going to be a quick fix! We are awaiting further information from Eurosec but it […]

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Leisure Centre update 10 October 2019

Work on repairing the Sauna continues. We are awaiting a part which has to be fitted and it appears the Sauna will be operative again from 17 October.

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Apartment’s letting

Dear Leaseholders, Please note that whilst it is allowed to let your property in accordance with your lease, you do require written consent from Warwick Estates who manage this function for us. Having received written consent, you must also complete a key disclaimer form, which is available in the Concierge Office for your (...)

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Leisure Centre Update 21 December 2018

21st February 2019 We are pleased to report that work is progressing in the Pool plantroom to replace the heat exchanger, boilers and ventilation system. The revised schedule has bypassed the need to apply for planning permission for external ventilation (which could likely have been rejected on account of the size and (...)

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Recarpeting Starting in Phase 1

The recarpeting of Judkin Court has been completed.

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