Century Wharf is managed by CW Estates Management Company Ltd. Site Office, c/o Concierge Office, Century Wharf, Chandlery Way,Cardiff,CF105NG

  • HR Manager: Patty Nowak
  • Property Manager: Owein Mattey
  • Finance Manager: Ryan Howells
  • Admin Officer: Jane Gregory
  • Head of Maintenance : Alan Johnson
  • Head of Housekeeping: Haith Al-Shidi
  • Head Concierge : Gareth Parry-James

The Concierge office is staffed 24 hours a day.

Please note the following contacts for reporting problems and for requesting a service, such as concierge, maintenance or cleaning:-

  1. Maintenance issues, including small leaks, lighting, doors:-

Alan Johnson-Head of Maintenance 07410 472525;

2.Cleanig and Hosekeeping

Haith Al-Shidi-Head of Housekeeping, 07410 472400;

  1. Concierge, Leisure Centre, fire alarms, major water leaks, contractor access

Gareth Parry-James- Head Concierge, 07410 472222;