Leisure Centre update 4th March 2019

The replacement of the boilers in the plant room at the Leisure centre is almost complete.
This has taken much longer than expected due to a number of factors including the originally successful tenderer neglecting to tell us that we would have had to get planning consent to install large external flue system that his proposed replacement system required. We determined not to proceed with that contractor as it was doubtful if such consent would have been secured. Nor was a large noisy external flue system desirable.
The new contractor is in the process of completing the boiler replacement and it is hoped that everything will be fully operational again from Monday 18th March.
Thank you so much for your co-operation and patience. This has been a long winded process, but if the boilers last another 16 years, it will have been worthwhile. They will also be far more efficient than those we have replaced.