Leisure Centre Update 21 December 2018


We are very sorry to report that the pool remains unheated.  We have been working on procuring replacements for the heating units for some months. As the original infrastructure is now 16+ years old we decided to replace the two boilers in September.  Sourcing them is taking longer than anticipated. The new boilers are on order and will be delivered and fitted in January – but as these are a totally different technology and configuration, it is quite a big task.

Unfortunately both boilers failed a month ago. Manufacturer’s parts are no longer available for them.  We are doing everything we can to find either a replacement boiler of similar vintage that will fit the existing pipework, or a source of parts to get it up and running until January. Enquiries have been made from Ireland to Italy, and are ongoing. We really are trying very hard to restore service for residents until the new boilers are fitted.



The Spa problem has been caused by someone breaking the button that turns on the bubbles.  A new button will be installed asap.

We are in the process of renewing a lot of the ageing infrastructure. Over the last 18 months we have made a lot of progress on the obvious, and other unseen problems, as well as regular maintenance, and kept the management fee at the same level for the third year running despite investing in upgrades on site.  (The Pool area has had new filtering sand; new chemical mixing and monitoring systems; multiple major leaks identified and repaired; repair work to the Spa area and pipework; new grouting in the changing rooms; new silicone seals in the men’s changing room; new soap dispensers; repaired locks in the changing rooms; &etc.  The cleaning team do an outstanding job and we have been told we have one of the cleanest Pool facilities in the country).

As soon as we have a firm date for the installation of the new boilers, we will post it here and in the Leisure Centre. Installation will require a major refit of pipework and configuration. The new technology will mean a saving on energy costs. Installation will necessitate closing the Pool for a short time while the work is done.  We will post the date/days as soon as we know.