Boiler- 7th September 2020

Dear Leaseholder


We wrote to you in August (copy attached) explaining that the building insurance for Century Wharf had been restricted following several large claims for water damage arising from faulty water boilers in apartments. As a result, any leaseholder who has not had their boiler serviced by a competent engineer in any 12 months prior to a leak, will not be insured.

We have repeatedly asked you to send an up to date boiler certificate confirming that you have had the boiler in your apartment serviced. You have not sent your certificate to us. You are therefore no longer insured and any damage to your own apartment, other apartments in the block or any of the common areas, caused by an escape of water from your boiler system will be your personal financial responsibility. You will not have any insurance cover.

The last such claim made at Century Wharf cost over £200,000 to repair all water damage. Should your boiler cause such damage, you will be personally responsible for paying that £200,000!

Please get your boiler serviced urgently and send the certificate to us. Please note that you need a competent engineer as your is an unvented, pressurised system. We recommend EGC who are fully familiar with systems at Century Wharf. They can be contacted on 02920885355.

Do not ignore this letter. You are placing yourself and your neighbours at great personal and financial risk.



Owein Mattey                                                                         Mark James CBE

Development Manager                                                     Chairman

Warwick Estates                                                                   Century Wharf RTM Companies